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Simon Bibby

Having spent a decade in communication roles, working with innovative tech and prestigious media clients, Simon went on to successfully launch his own marketing technology start-up. Project managing a creative ideation social video analytics platform, from seed-stage funding concept through to market, his passion for sport led him to work on research projects for Seven League.

Now a full-time consultant practitioner, Simon has applied his platform development and user experience knowledge to launch new social and digital ventures for Seven League clients including Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and the NBA.


What’s a typical day for you at Seven League?
Learning new things and applying things I’ve already learned

What’s the best thing about your job?
The passion, care and commitment everyone I work with has towards improving the fan experience of the sport they represent. It’s an industry like no other.

Favourite future tech?
I’ve been involved in two start-up accelerator programmes so have seen first-hand some amazing tech and innovative thinkers. I’m drawn to people striving to support social economic growth, so I would have to say mOm Incubator; an inexpensive, electronically controlled, inflatable incubator constructed to decrease the number of premature child deaths within refugee camps. If that wasn’t inspiring enough, its founder, James Roberts, is a nice guy you want to root for.

Favourite film?
Jurassic Park was the first time I ever watched in the cinema. Nothing has topped that since. Space Jam was a close second.

Favourite Arcade Game?
Actual arcade game would have to be playing Time Crisis II co-op with my brother.

Sports positions played?
At the peak of my football powers, I was described as a lazy Berbatov. The sport I was best at was probably basketball. Only five guys at my school played regularly and being the tallest on the team, I had to play centre which didn’t suit my showtime style.

I wish I’d…
Taken sport more seriously when I was younger. I could have been a contender.

One word to describe Seven League?

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