Rida Iqbal

Team  ⁄  Researcher / Analyst

Rida Iqbal

A Sports Management and Marketing graduate from Coventry Univeristy/ Universidad Europea de Madrid, Rida worked for Women in Sport as a Communications Officer as well as for several National Governing Bodies in various events and development roles before joining Seven League. Rida has always been a huge sports enthusiast, watching and playing tennis, basketball, football, cricket and boxing.


Typical day?
There’s no such thing as a typical day! 

Best thing about your job?
Learning something new about the industry everyday

Favourite future tech?
Has teleportation already been mentioned?

Favourite Film?
Casablanca/ The Princess Bride

Favourite Arcade Game?
Hoop Troop

Sports Positions played?
Small/ Power Forward in Basketball 

I wish I’d …
Learned to play a musical instrument

One Word to describe Seven League

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