Olivia Taylor

Team  ⁄  Researcher / Analyst

Olivia Taylor

Liv joined Seven League in August 2016 from a fintech, after studying at UCL. With a passion for sports being a researcher at Seven League seemed like the perfect fit.

Typical day at Seven League?
A whole lot of variety; reading up on all the action that’s happened overnight, Excel and plenty of research.

The best thing about my job?
Every day I get to learn more about the things I love, working with some of the biggest clubs around and some really inspiring people too!

Favourite Future tech?
I want a self-repairing punctured bicycle tyre…

Favourite Film?
Monty Python – Life of Brian.

Favourite Arcade game?

Sports Positions played?
Hockey: right midfield, netball: centre, rowing: bow, now moved on to the more solo sport of triathlons

I wish I’d … been a little bit faster.

One word to describe Seven League?