Lucien Bigois

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Lucien Bigois

After graduating from a journalism school in the south of France in 2008, Lucien worked in Formula One for 5 years, building and applying the digital strategy for the Honda / Brawn GP / Mercedes-AMG Petronas team, and worked with high-profile brands and sponsors in the process.

Following this, Lucien worked in mass participation sport, where he helped building the digital profiles of mass participation sport events in the UK. He joined Seven League in 2017.

What’s a typical day for you at Seven League?

Coming in early (when I am not dropping my son at nursery!) and spending some time planning the day ahead. I like to plan and map out my day. That helps me knowing what I need/want to achieve.

From there, “typical” doesn’t really apply to Seven League. Apart from having meetings, learning from my colleagues and working with, and for great clients, every day will be completely different. New great challenges on a daily basis, which I love and seek in my work life! You will also see me carrying my old-school notepad (and highlighters) everywhere, which is really high-tech, I know, but it became a natural extension of my mind and I’d be lost without it!

What’s the best thing about your job?

Never being able to take anything for granted. The world is changing all the time, but digital is a whole new ball game altogether. If there’s one industry in which you can’t rest on you laurels, it’s digital. Whether it is a new trend, new analytics, new platforms… there’s always something new to try, new and better ways to work, and I love it!

Favourite future tech?

Unlimited storage space… or a futuristic yet retro notebook (and 3D highlighters, of course)

Favourite film?

I love movies too much and it changes all the time, but if I had to name just one… Shutter Island

Favourite Arcade Game?

My brother and I used to save coins to play Metal Slug together. Loved it, and it brings great memories

Sports positions played?

When my dodgy ankle allowed me to play football, I was a decent “fox in the box” (striker), or as my friends used to call me, “the French (and not as good) Pippo Inzaghi”. Now a happy runner!

I wish I’d…

Paid more attention in Spanish classes. Being bilingual (French/English) is great, but I regret not speaking more languages.

One word to describe Seven League?