Luca Lasi

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Luca Lasi

Luca joined Seven League in August 2017 after working in digital at The Jockey Club for three and a half years where he managed social media and web content, digital advertising, CRM and email marketing. With a background in economics and marketing, Luca turned his passion for sports and digital into a career after completing an MBA in Football Industries in 2012. Since then, he’s worked in CRM and data-driven marketing at Manchester United first and then agency side, managing accounts in football, rugby and cricket, before saddling up at The Jockey Club.

Born and raised in Bologna (Italy), Luca loves [insert choice of Italian stereotypes]. Aside from Italy, he lived and worked in Canada and Australia before landing in the UK in 2011.

What’s a typical day for you at Seven League?
There’s no such a thing. One day I’m embedded within a client organisation working with their team, the other in the Seven League office typing away on some report or simply learning something new

What’s the best thing about your job?
The continuous learning and the speed at which that happens

Favourite future tech?
If teleportation is off the table, then a voice assistant that actually assists

Favourite film?
Don’t have one. Don’t watch many films

Favourite arcade game?
It’s got to be Street Fighter… Hadouken!

Sports positions played?
Once a solid centre-mid footballer, now I just run less and try to stay away from injuries

I wish I had…
More than 24 hours in a day

One word to describe Seven League: