Lewis Wiltshire

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Lewis Wiltshire

Lewis joined Seven League in 2017 after 5 years with Twitter and 11 years at BBC Sport.

He was editor of the BBC Sport website, BBC Sport’s first social media editor, and led the planning for BBC Sport’s coverage of London 2012 on digital channels. He then oversaw the same event for Twitter, as Twitter UK’s first head of sport. Later he became Director of Media Partnerships, Senior Director of Media Partnerships, and Twitter’s inaugural global chair of sports.

Prior to working for those two organisations, Lewis began his career as a sports reporter in local newspapers, where he first saw that the future of media would be in digital.

What’s a typical day for you at Seven League?
Living in the middle of nowhere, it starts early and ends late. Everything in the middle is changeable, thankfully.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Aside from writing bios about oneself in the 3rd person, I would the best thing about my job is our clients. I love working in the sport industry and seeing the immediate difference digital can make to organisations and individuals.

Favourite future tech?
Whatever it is, you can bet I’ll be using it to stay close to the fortunes of the San Francisco 49ers. That’s what I’ve used most major new tech developments over the last 15 years for!

Favourite film?
Seven, League of their Own.

Favourite arcade game?
We regularly go to the Norfolk coast where I watch my kids feeding 2p pieces into arcade machines in an attempt to win a prize worth much less than the value of the coins they have inserted. I guess that has a kind of beauty to it.

Sports positions played?
Spent a lot of time at centre-back and right-back in football. Strengths: heading, tackling, organising. Undone by a lack of pace and a centre-half’s touch upfield.

I wish I’d …
Played quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Won three or four Super Bowls. I just never had the opportunity, you see …

One word to describe Seven League …