Jon Ford

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Jon Ford

Media professional Jon has worked in digital production for major music and broadcast outfits including the BBC, Global Media Group and Avalon Entertainment. Jon’s creative leadership skills have been honed across social, mobile and online making him an excellent addition to any content and digital strategy project.


What’s a typical day for you at Seven League?
A finely honed balance of coffee, problem solving, and sitting on the Victoria line between meetings.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The variety. While the coffee and Victoria line rarely change, the different puzzles to solve are easily enough to compensate.

Favourite future tech?
A.I. judgmental fridge.

Favourite film?
Cool Runnings.

Favourite arcade game?
Simpsons. (Scarborough, circa 1992.)

Sports positions played?
Left back.

I wish I’d… been asked the question “what’s your biggest flaw?” in these questions.
I’m still yet to have the opportunity to steal Luke Unabomber’s “Living room, 20ft x 15ft” response.

One word to describe Seven League: