François Westcombe

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François Westcombe

François brings a wealth of experience in the commercial and marketing sectors of sport and has been on Seven League’s Consulting team since 2015. Named as a Sport Industry Group #NextGen Leader in 2018, François has overseen projects on key accounts for the likes of the Ryder Cup, Juventus, The Open, FC Barcelona, NFL, Arsenal, NBA, UEFA and The Open.

Before joining Seven League, Francois was responsible for Product, Marketing and Business Development at STATS in Europe. Prior to that, at Bloomberg Sports, François managed Marketing and Social Media activities for the European office, where he devised and delivered several interactive fan products including a predictive analytics tool for the 2014 FIFA World Cup – the most successful piece of content ever delivered on

François draws on experiences in event management, communications and marketing (at both B2B and B2C levels) to help Seven League’s clients in their quest for digital excellence.

What’s a typical day for you at Seven League?
There are just two things typical about my 7L day: (1) My brisk morning cycle from home in Wandsworth to 7L HQ in Angel (2) The return leg. The rest in-between is anything but typical and that’s what makes it fun.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The clients, the people and the results. I consider myself lucky to be working with some of the biggest names in sport in a sector that continues to grow and with some of the smartest people in the business. I rarely meet someone with the same job.

Favourite future tech?

Favourite film?
It’s between ‘Into the Wild’, ‘Gladiator’ and ‘The Rock’ – three vastly different films. Don’t judge me.

Sports positions played?
Treatment room…… no, seriously. Otherwise right wing or left wing (football/hockey), striker (football), full-back (rugby), ball finder (golf). Versatile & used to have a sharp turn of pace before several crippling injuries.

Favourite arcade game?

I wish I’d…
listed a better film above.

One word to describe Seven League?