David Brake

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David Brake

In five years at Seven League, David has advanced from researcher, to senior researcher, to consultant. Constantly energised by the challenge of improving the experience of fans globally through the power of content. Leading projects for some of the biggest names in the sports industry: UEFA, NBA, UFC, Laureus, and World Boxing Super Series with a keen focus on excellent live coverage and truly localised content.

In David’s “spare time”, he celebrates his second passion of film with his own editorial site, One Room With A View, that boasts over 50 writers from around the world, and features & produces the television show London Film Club, on London Live.


What’s a typical day for you at Seven League?
There isn’t one. Content, research, live events. It’s never the same – and that’s what makes it great.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The challenge.

Favourite future tech?
It’s the personal tech that excites me. The arrival of 5G, foldable phones, wearables, hearables, NFC, ‘lite’ data tech – the stuff that really impacts the day-to-day life of everyone around the world.

Favourite film?
Independence Day

Favourite arcade game?
Time Crisis 2.

Sports positions played?
Goalkeeper for the school team. (Broke my little finger beyond repair. Idiot.)

I wish I’d…
Been better at P.E. It would have made the bleep test a bit more bearable…

One word to describe Seven League: