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Daniel Ayers

Dan joined Seven League in 2013, following 14 years working in digital in the music industry for BMG Entertainment, Columbia Records, and finally as Director of Digital Services for Sony Music.

Digital was always a growth area during this period, and working through all of the changes it triggered in music gave Dan a uniquely broad yet specialised set of skills: from content production and social channel management, to website builds, metrics platforms and e-commerce.

Few sports have had their business models fundamentally re-written by digital in the way that music and other entertainment publishers have. This is both refreshing – digital opportunities are all upside in sport, rather than desperately trying to plug a hole in the bottom line – but also revealing, since there are many levels of digital sophistication in music marketing which are still typically untapped in sport.

*nb not related to Richard.

What’s a typical day for you at Seven League?
I did a massive Tweet once. But that was atypical.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Being able to run the full user journey from marketing through to purchase; most sports orgs control all levers in that process, whereas in music we lost the user at the point where they went to buy from iTunes/ stream on Spotify etc. The Aquisition-by-Default-Channel-in-Ecommerce-view is my favourite page in Google Analytics. 

Favourite future tech?
Protection from Amazon Prime.

Favourite film?
Event Horizon, if ‘favourite’ means ‘too frightened to watch again’. Otherwise, my wife only permits Robert Downey Jr films, so Ironman.

Favourite Arcade Game?
Time Crisis 2, ideally in the Trocadero.

Sports positions played?
Centre-mid footballer (heading: 20, passing: 13, flair: 8) until the Wormwood Scrubs surface delivered a 2nd ACL in 6 months in 2011.
Loughborough & District Table Tennis Div 3 Runners Up, 1994.
Sunday golfer, if you imagine that there’s only one Sunday every 7 months.

I wish I’d… been a baller.

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