Talk to us about how we can help you deliver digital excellence.

Tech Triage

You’re an attractive client for any tech product, from analytics systems to publishing tools to CRM platforms and many more in between.

These products arrive at your organisation from all angles and with staff at all levels.

Seven League have excellent knowledge of the digital product market and can act as your ‘triage’ service for all inbound approaches. We'll take the meetings and see how they fit with your strategy.

Service Design

From websites and apps to fan acquisition and retention programmes - we can help you research audience needs, select a platform or vendor, test prototypes and launch and iterate your digital services.

Strategic Partnerships

Top performing digital organisations need key relationships with major digital media organisations, from Facebook to Snapchat to Microsoft and beyond.

We can help you build those partnerships at senior exec levels, in both Europe and the US.

Platform Selection

We have strong knowledge of the relative merits of Content Management Systems, Video Platforms and CRM and Email providers.

We can give you independent advice on who will suit your needs, and also run a tender process and the commercial contract negotiations if required.

Vendor Management

We can bridge any gaps in your organisation between the articulation of business needs to a technology vendor, and the interpretation of technical documents that come back in response.

And we can simply manage the development projects that you don't have time for.