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Commercial Valuation of Content

Putting numbers on the value of your digital platforms - websites, apps, membership databases - and on the content you produce and publish across these and social media channels.

We build these valuations from your analytics data but also our extensive market knowledge. We have an extremely robust and credible model for the valuation process that can be used to inform your digital offerings to both existing and new commercial partners.

Content Mix Analysis

A deep - very deep - dive into your content publishing; we categorise hundreds of articles thematically, and measure the audience across each theme; it could be for your website, or social, video or email channels.

The output reveals how editorial resource is currently split, and challenges the organisation as to whether this is the right mix. Inevitably there are improvements to be made that focus effort in the most rewarding places.

Planning & Strategy

The right themes for the right channels to the right audiences at the right times.

Most content editorial teams have a solid gut feel for this, but without firm short and long term plans, they can struggle to say 'no' to internal stakeholders - publishing is driven by whoever shouts loudest.

A proper content plan and strategy protects against this and serves both business and audience needs appropriately.

Production & Publishing

We’ve developed content formats for many clients to deliver on their content strategy.

Often this work runs in tandem with a Content Mix project, but could also mean creating and producing the narrative for long-form content, or developing formats for sponsor activation.

We're perfectly at home managing the publishing if needed, too.

Branded Content Formats

As everyone's web page views decline - for a mix of reasons - impression-based digital revenues are almost impossible to grow.

We can help you create content formats and new inventory for commercial partners to replace impressions commitments and deliver a much more valuable brand association.

Community Management

Running a fan community is relentless granular work and there's no effective way to scale it; the rewards are significant though, whether it's through generating engaging and unique UGC content or simply a mechanic that keeps you close to your fans and users.

We can put in the hard yards that you don't have internal resource for.

Channel Optimisation

A key and common part of digital professionalisation: there's a long list of tactical improvements and optimisations that can be made to the majority of sports content channels; from presentation to configuration and archive management.

We cover YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat most commonly.