Talk to us about how we can help you deliver digital excellence.

Digital Audit

A full review of your digital operations, evaluating everything from content and social media to products and platforms, commercial integration and organisation structure. We’ve run this process for over 60 clients and the output will give you a clear understanding of where you’re good, bad or average compared to both your sports sector peers and entertainment media publishers in general.

Findings and recommendations are graded for impact and achievability; both strategic advice and actionable tactics that your team can implement immediately.

Strategy Development

A common extension of the Digital Audit is a strategy workshop.

In the course of a day we build a strategic digital roadmap based on the overall business vision, audience needs, and findings uncovered in the audit. Typically we look 1-3 years into the future, since the objectives are likely to change after this period.

A collaborative approach to setting digital strategy means it’s much more likely to take root in the organisation; as external moderators we ensure difficult topics are tackled and that the session doesn't get sidetracked by tactical issues or other red herrings.

Procurement of Digital Services

We have a very solid RFP process, from writing the RFP document, managing applications and judging submissions to handling feedback with all agencies.

A proprietary weighted scoring system covers everything from cultural fit to technical competence to commercial rates.

This improves the tender experience for both you and the pitching agencies — we can objectively tell any applicant why they’ve not progressed, or where they need to improve to stay in the process.

Commercial Valuation

Putting numbers on the value of your digital platforms - websites, apps, membership databases - and on the content you produce and publish across these and social media channels.

We build these valuations from your analytics data but also our extensive market knowledge. We have an extremely robust and credible model for the valuation process that can be used to inform your digital offerings to both existing and new commercial partners.

Performance Monitoring & Benchmarking

Internal resource for digital analytics at sports organisations is rare in our experience.

We can create bespoke reporting formats across web, social media and commercial digital properties to fit your needs; this could be content performance (and how to normalise this for differing on-pitch results), e-commerce performance, or simply tracking growth rates.

Our extensive industry experience means we can also benchmark your performance against your peers.

Change Management

How do you balance Communications and Media digital needs with Marketing and Commercial objectives?

Should 'digital' even be a specialist department?

You can use Seven League for an external perspective on what's best for your organisational structure, and to also help implement the preferred solution - from drafting job descriptions to assisting with specialist executive search through our network.

Embedding People

If our consulting work is “working out what to do”, the Embed role is the opposite end of the spectrum: “doing it for you”.

When clients want to implement a digital strategy but don’t have the immediate internal resource to manage it, we can place a consultant within the organisation to drive that change; 9-12 months is often enough to raise standards signficantly.


For many top leagues and clubs the scope for expansion is international, and that requires localisation, in orther words, not just translations, but the right local media partners and platforms, culturally appropriate content themes and insight into how the sport is consumed in-market.

We've worked on localisation strategies for major sports leagues and clubs; in aggregate we have experience of how to approach the United States from Europe (and vice versa), as well as markets like China, India, South-East Asia, Mexico and Brazil.

Research, Analysis & Insight

Our dedicated internal research and analytics team fundamentally underpin many of our services.

We crunch data in granular detail, from website and social analytics to commercial digital revenues; we're not just looking for macro trends but also the anomolies that often lead to the most interesting insights.

On top of desk-based research across all our areas of expertise we can also offer qualitative and quantitative consumer research via our sister company 7th Sense (the '7' bit is a coincidence…).