2020 Vision

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Accelerating Digital: Now Global

In September 2018 we began a new era of digital sports consulting with the partnership of Mailman & Seven League. With this partnership we’re committed to building the world’s first global digital sports consulting business. Empowering the world’s most ambitious sports organisations, teams and athletes to build success everywhere.

Mailman has established itself as a leader in China. In the East professional sports are beginning to take shape, cultures are being redefined with sports playing a central role, and the opportunity to win the hearts of fans has never been more present.

Seven League has built a winning framework to service global sports across Europe. Leagues, clubs and federations are transforming to become media owners in their own right and excellence on digital channels is key on this journey to engage audiences, drive revenue and increase participation.

Our vision is to build a global network of sports marketers and content creators. A network of highly skilled, passionate and committed people focused on setting the standards in best practice everywhere.

In addition to our existing markets of Europe & China our vision is to establish a greater platform for our clients to succeed in key growth markets including USA, India, Indonesia, SEA, Korea, Japan & Australia.

Our pillars to achieve this commitment include…

The power of sports to transform, and its responsibility to use that power wisely. Our job is to help connect sports to fans and vice versa, using all our marketing and communications skills to help more people play, attend and follow. We help make sports more creatively valuable and commercially viable – and if more people engage with sport, then the world is a better place.

Understanding the fan, their desires, their motivations and what makes them cheer. It’s our commitment to invest the time and patience to better understand the fans that make the industry tick.

Listening to our clients, and better serving their global ambitions. As major sporting organisations, teams and athletes become global brands, we’ll lay the foundation for growth, engaged communities and above all success. We work closely with our clients and are considered to be a part of their team.

Developing our people by exploring new horizons, challenging the status quo and seeking new boundaries. We’ll create greater opportunities for personal growth and a platform for each of them to make a mark.

Technology driving more decisions more of the time. We must lead by example, by continuing to reimagine our processes, decisions and how technology will shape success.


We welcome clients, partners and people to challenge us, join us and support us. We’re with you all the way. If you want to talk, game on.

Richard Ayers
Seven League

Andrew Collins