In 2014, O2 Telefonica asked us to create a content capability inside their business that would work cross-departmentally and cohesively to rationalise and optimise the delivery of everything from “Guru” videos to social media. Six months later they were delighted to have implemented efficiencies that reduced costs and maximised effectiveness. In fact, we continue to advise O2 on refining and reinforcing their content delivery capability.

So, with such a good relationship and knowing our specialism in sport, it was no surprise that they then asked us to help with content for the England team in the Rugby World Cup.

We worked at the core of the creative team on the award-winning #WearTheRose campaign and we invented the Rose Army, the backbone of O2’s authentic voice during the campaign.

For more detail on the Rose Army, see the case study. Suffice it to say that we are proud that over a year later we still manage the unique community of England fans and activate for O2 come tournament time.