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Fédération Française de Football

Fédération Française de Football

The French Football Federation (FFF) is one of the planet’s largest national football associations and the team attracts a large number of fans, not just from France, but from around the world.

We first began working with the FFF as a part of our work with UEFA, where we ran a digital workshop in Paris to help identify their digital focus and highlight any areas of improvement. One key recommendation was the need for the federation to go international and appeal to the non-French speaking audience.

This led to us managing the English language content for the French National Team Facebook page. Our role was to help deliver content that would resonate with the English speaking audience while posting in a natural tone of voice. This also included live match coverage of all French National team games including during both EURO 2016 and the Rio Olympics.

Our work helped propel the French National Team Facebook page to being one of the most engaging and internationally focused Facebook pages of all UEFA National Associations.