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British Canoeing

British Canoeing

Our journey with British Canoeing began in summer 2016.

As the national governing body for paddlesports in the UK, British Canoeing understands the importance and value of data to service their audience and engage with them to make paddlesports one of the top outdoor leisure pursuits in the country.

Having recently completed a large phase of development, the asked us to complete an audit of their digital platforms to establish their ability to support the strategic vision they had for the organisation.

As a result our digital audit focused specifically on their data management platform and CRM capabilities, from both a backend and frontend point of view, together with the resources and skills required to support the delivery of the single customer view.

The recommendations from this audit suggested that amongst other things, British Canoeing needed a vision and strategy for the role of digital products and services in supporting the organisation’s Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2021.

This led to the second phase of work which included not only a Digital Strategy for British Canoeing, but also the delivery of a Systems Context Model and delivery roadmap, detailing the digital platforms, data, content and functionality required to support the Digital Strategy.

In order to achieve the desired outcome, we utilised a number of methodologies (some based on the service design industry) to ensure a comprehensive understanding of business needs and audience needs. These methodologies included stakeholder interviews and workshops, focus groups with target audiences, experience maps and audience personas.

The final project deliverables provided British Canoeing with a solid foundation from which to drive growth and engagement in paddling by offering reliable digital services with a seamless experience across the UK canoeing universe.