O2 #WearTheRose Social Campaign Management

The Challenge

In 2015 O2 were the Official sponsor of the England Rugby Team leading into the Rugby World Cup – hosted by England.

O2 required a social campaign, to support its WearTheRose Campaign – one with authenticity at the heart. They needed a grassroots initiative that validated O2’s stance and helped galvanise the rest of the country behind the England Rugby Team.

Seven League were engaged to devise a campaign to kick-start O2’s WearTheRose movement from grassroots up.

What We Did

  • We conceived a two-month grassroots campaign, with three key objectives:
  1. To recruit an Army of 100 England Superfans (The Rose Army).
  2. Start a movement around Wear the Rose.
  3. Galvanise support behind the Team.
  • The Army were engaged and empowered, with members across the world showing what it meant to be an England supporter
  • UGC was exploited to a scale and scope never-before attained, in turn, inspiring Army members’ friends, family and followers to engage with the campaign
  • The Army became the ‘second man’ in the movement; as O2 announced “we’re going to WearTheRose”, the Rose Army validated this stance, galvanising national support behind the England Rugby Team

The Results

  • 8 weekly Rose Army Video Diaries and 7 bespoke Video Diaries were produced
  • 15+ fast-turnaround reactive videos on game day, reflecting fans’ feelings before, during and after matches
  • Over 5million Pledges of Support, with the Rose Army contributing extensively:
    >6 million Twitter impressions from Rose Army posts (exc. O2 official channels)
    1.2 million video views of Rose Army content on O2 social channels
    52,000 Pledges of Support
    12,500 #WearTheRose Social Media Posts
    >2,000 Videos Submitted by Rose Army members in just eight weeks … and all from 100 Rose Army members

The Rose Army has left a legacy. O2 continued to work with the Rose Army after the World Cup, through 2016 and beyond.