Juventus Content Mix

The Challenge

  • Very few clubs have a thorough understanding of their digital content output, its impact or the ROI it delivers
  • Publishing in three languages (English, Spanish and Italian), Juventus FC wanted more visibility of what their content mix and composition was across Facebook & Juventus.com
  • That meant understanding which content types are worth commissioning, which hold the most value and which are most closely aligned with the organisation’s business and audience needs
  • Seven League were engaged to deliver a comprehensive analysis of content across three languages and two platforms, totalling over 1,500 pieces of content – what we call ‘Content Mix’

What We Did

  • We conducted an exhaustive two-phase analysis of the club’s content from a representative sample of data (>1,500)
  • Phase 1: Output Analysis
    i.  Content categorisation (the ‘Why’)
    ii. Quantification (i.e. what % is ‘Match or ‘Profile’)
    iii. Formats (i.e. how much is Highlights, how many Player Interviews etc.)
    iv. Intent (i.e. what do we want fans to do)
    v. Type (i.e. article, video, graphic etc.)
  • Phase 2: Impact Analysis
    i. We looked at the performance of each content category according to the most appropriate platform metrics
    ii. For example, average page views or duration viewed for the website, or reach or engagement for Facebook
    iii. Complex data was presented simply, with custom and easy-to-understand interactive visualisations

The Results

  • Juventus FC now have a clear view of which content to drop, which content to fine-tune and which content to increase the volume of
  • With an understanding of the ideal content mix, the club can now ensure content meets both audience and business needs
  • The content team is getting better results from the same volume of content, concentrating effort in the right areas leading to more efficient and effective working
  • Juventus FC are now iterating content strategy based on our findings, using it as a blueprint for all digital content

JFC content across juventus.com and the club’s Facebook page is both creatively valuable and commercially viable