ECB Digital Strategy

The Challenge

Poor results on the pitch, declining grassroots participation and a lack of digital investment (inc. in resourcing) meant that the ECB’s digital strategy was crucial to the re-birth of the organisation.

The ECB was undergoing a period of considerable change with many new senior members and a re-focusing of its goals and deliveries.
The challenge was to lay out a new way forward; maximising immediate opportunities but also laying the foundations for future revenue growth.

Seven League were appointed to provide the ECB with a way to maximise value from its digital channels.

What We Did

  • We allocated a senior team, supported by our top business analyst to the project
  • We completed a digital strategy review – everything from headcount and commercial to content selection and technical delivery
  • Seven League earned the trust of the new senior executives at the ECB
  • We provided key documents to get buy-in from the board, including:
    Global digital change context;
    Analysis of current performance and benchmarking comparison;
    SWOT analysis and assessment of commercial opportunity;
    Organisation and budget recommendations;
    Top-line 5 year business plan including revenue modelling

The Results

  • Using our work, the new ECB vision received backing from the board
  • This drove significant change in the organisation in a short period of time.
  • It re-energised the internal team and external support partners to deliver better results
  • Assistance in recruiting a new Head of Digital and changing the focus around digital (inc. organisation structure)
  • Prioritised co-ordinated action on digital services across the ECB, while also managing expectations for the long-term nature of the project

We provided a clear vision for the future of the ECB, supported by a robust business case including revenue modelling.