Together Stronger: The Welsh Dragon Roars In Social

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What a wasted opportunity. You’ve only get very limited time in the attention economy to engage a fan and you waste it on this level of interaction? You’ve seen examples like these litter your timeline and news feed and it’s easy to see why. For the brand, it’s a simple and effective way to achieve engagement and, for the individual, of course you want your team to win 9-0 and if a retweet can achieve that, then fine.

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UFC UK Shortlisted In The 2014 The Drum Social Buzz Awards


Today, The Drum Social Buzz Awards have announced their nominations for this year’s awards and it’s great to see the Ultimate Fighting Championship recognised.

We’ve had a fantastic year working with the Ultimate Fighting Championship on their digital coverage of the 2014 EMEA events calendar, and UFC UK has made the shortlist in two categories at this year’s Social Buzz Awards.

Having covered events in five great cities – London, Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Dublin and Stockholm – our exclusive and engaging content strategy on social has aided each of these Fight Night events to be a digital success. Led by strong planning, analytical focus, engagement-determined strategy, UFC’s presence has grown expansively both commercially and socially. This approach has helped us make the shortlist in the Best Travel/Leisure/Sports Social Media Strategy/Campaign category.

In particular, the judges noted the work on UFC Fight Night Dublin in July 2014 on Twitter, and the passion of Dublin infused the strong, innovative, and wide-ranging coverage, in a week where the city championed their local fighters to total victory on Fight Night.

This is a superb and highly gratifying way to end the EMEA year for the UFC. Congratulations to all the other nominees and we wish them the best of luck.

The winners will be announced on 27th November.

Putting the Dynamic in Houston Dynamo


“Has America finally fallen in love with Soccer?” The internet was littered with this ‘revolutionary’ statement following US Soccer success in this year’s World Cup. However let your minds hark back to a time before Rio, and recall how soccer was by no means the number one sport in the nation’s hearts. With heated competition from hockey, basketball, baseball and American football, the MLS is forging its own path through the melee, with ever-improving levels of success.

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Still, Bengals, Cancer and Social Media

In recent months, the NFL has had a tough time. The continuing and shocking stories of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson have besmirched the image of America’s favourite sport. With the ever expanding cloud of disappointment hovering over its athletes, the appearance of a good news story would be appreciated now more than ever.

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Leeds And The Transfer Deadline Day Backfire

Courtesy of: The Yorkshire Post

Courtesy of: The Yorkshire Post

Transfer Deadline Day. A 24-hour window where fans and clubs alike lose all forms of perspective, and financial understanding. Desperate to bring in the biggest and best names to see them right until the transfer window circus opens again in January, it’s an equal parts exciting and nervous day for all involved. As the dust settles and the funds are re-counted, spare a thought for the social media managers of these clubs, working tirelessly to handle their mob’s baying demands. Case in point, Leeds United.

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“Hey, that’s mine!” – How To Handle Content Copyright In A Practical Way


Courtesy of: Wikipedia

One of our clubs we work with recently asked “How can we police websites using our content?” Fed up with websites simply copying and pasting content without even a hyperlink credit, it’s fair to say they were frustrated. This is not a problem restricted to them alone.  So how do you police this? How can you get them to credit your work? How can you stop it from happening?

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Case Study: Tampa Bay Lightning’s Social Media Captain


One of the biggest questions facing any sporting organisations online is “how do we engage with our fans?” Likes and follows make for impressive reading but they don’t guarantee long term loyalty and users active involvement with the brand. However, a strong, creative digital strategy can transform connections between organisations and their audience. NHL outfit Tampa Bay Lightning have understood this to produce a highly innovative plan to place the fan at the front of their digital strategy.

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The Andrew Booth Memorial Lecture


On the 23rd June, Richard has been chosen to present the Andrew Booth Memorial Lecture at Birkbeck University. The chosen topic is the impact of digital technology and social media on sport; the core focus of Seven League’s business.


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Digital Directions: Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do

Next week, the Stadium Business Summit will celebrate its fifth anniversary in earnest at Wembley Stadium from 3rd to 5th June. Richard will be there to present his talk on the 5th about the ten most common mistakes made by stadium businesses as they embark on their fledgling digital media strategies.

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