“Hey, that’s mine!” – How To Handle Content Copyright In A Practical Way


Courtesy of: Wikipedia

One of our clubs we work with recently asked “How can we police websites using our content?” Fed up with websites simply copying and pasting content without even a hyperlink credit, it’s fair to say they were frustrated. This is not a problem restricted to them alone.  So how do you police this? How can you get them to credit your work? How can you stop it from happening?

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Case Study: Tampa Bay Lightning’s Social Media Captain


One of the biggest questions facing any sporting organisations online is “how do we engage with our fans?” Likes and follows make for impressive reading but they don’t guarantee long term loyalty and users active involvement with the brand. However, a strong, creative digital strategy can transform connections between organisations and their audience. NHL outfit Tampa Bay Lightning have understood this to produce a highly innovative plan to place the fan at the front of their digital strategy.

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The Andrew Booth Memorial Lecture


On the 23rd June, Richard has been chosen to present the Andrew Booth Memorial Lecture at Birkbeck University. The chosen topic is the impact of digital technology and social media on sport; the core focus of Seven League’s business.


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Digital Directions: Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do

Next week, the Stadium Business Summit will celebrate its fifth anniversary in earnest at Wembley Stadium from 3rd to 5th June. Richard will be there to present his talk on the 5th about the ten most common mistakes made by stadium businesses as they embark on their fledgling digital media strategies.

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How to do sports star social media – by “punched in the head for a living” UFC fighter Johny Hendricks at SXSW 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 13.30.04SXSW 2014 – As part of the SXsports track this year, Richard ran a session “Social on the Field: Sports stars and Social Goals”. After a 15 min intro presentation, citing key examples from world sports of athletes and their use of twitter (shared here later), he interviewed UFC fighter Johny “Big Rigg” Hendricks to get an insight into what it’s really like to fight online as well as in the octagon.

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NBA Global Games in the UK: Showtime in London’s O2

IMG_8403The NBA put on a show in London’s O2 arena last night – I was lucky enough to be there – and what a cultural experience it was.

“It’s like this in the States? Why the f**k am I watching football?!”

- that was the quote from the 20-something behind me when we got to the NBA traditional Dance Cam. The camera had picked out a member of the audience to dance-off against the Hawks’ mascot and if you’re a fan of some classic body-popping with a cross-section of Michael Jackson moves, then it was quite a display.

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Here’s the bad news: Spurs’ digital handling of Andre Villas Boas sacking

It’s relatively easy to do good work when the team is winning on the pitch – but people who run clubs’ digital services often debate how to handle the darker times. Go quiet? Focus on the history? Recognition and realism? There are many options, but to get a fresh perspective we asked Daniel Ayers – Seven League’s latest recruit, formerly Sony Music digital director and Spurs fan – for his assessment. RA. 

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“Arsenal FC, I presume?” – A traveller’s view on African football fandom

Lead Consultant Neal McCleave on the growth of football in Africa following a recent visit to Tanzania…

I have been regularly travelling to Africa over the past five years and have watched with interest the rise and rise of football across the continent. It is clear English Premier League clubs are winning the hearts and minds of new disciples.

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