2014 – An Incredible Year with the UFC

Just over 365 days ago, Seven League was chosen to lead the UFC’s digital delivery in EMEA. The plan? Amplify coverage of the 2014 live events calendar in the region through localisation, innovation, passion and humour… But nothing could prepare us for the roller-coaster ride of unbelievable live sporting action we witnessed over the next 12 months.

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Setting The Trend For 2015? The Social Media Stars Of 2014

Seven League tracks the hottest and latest talents and trends in the world of sport and social. This week we’ve been preparing for the year ahead by updating Scout, our social monitoring platform, for the blockbuster 2015 has to offer.

To give you a flavour of what we love to see, this blog post will look at who the fastest ascending social stars of 2014 were, and the impact that major sporting events can have in the digital world.

James Rodriguez: A Social Star Is Born

Courtesy of: Wikipedia

Courtesy of: Wikipedia

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2015 Trends In Sport Technology

We have become so accustomed to great technological leaps forward over the last few years that the lack of any major headlines in 2014 has left everyone hoping that 2015 brings some exciting changes. Our technology director, Paul Edwards, sticks his neck out and predicts what the major technology themes of 2015 might be…

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Five Cool Things You Can Do On Twitter


The end of the year draws nigh. The big social networks are beginning to show off their wares after a year of progress and evolution. In particular, Twitter has released their #YearInReview revealing that 500 million tweets are sent daily worldwide. That’s a lot of noise on the little blue bird’s network. So how can you make your voice heard in 2015? Well, here are five simple tricks to impress, engage and stand out.

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The Best of the Week: Advent Calendar

The Christmas countdown has begun as we enter the month of December. A time of giving, a time for social innovation. Granted the latter may not be at the top of everyone’s mind but there is a plethora of witty and engaging digital content to absorb and savour. So sit back, grab a mince pie and enjoy.

image (4)

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What’s a WhatsApp share worth?

Seven League’s long-term partnership with European football giants Valencia CF has involved many days spent in Spain during 2014.
And, if there’s one notification alert sound that’s pinged more than any other in that time, it’s been the WhatsApp noise. In the office, around the stadium, and on the streets of the city, it’s near-ubiquitous to the trained ear.

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The Best Of The Week: Sports Videos

As the days  grow shorter, the desire for entertainment to blow back the gloom rises. This week, we’re here to provide four of the best videos to brighten your weekend ranging from Guinness to Andrea Pirlo in slippers.

Liam Fitz 2

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Carpe Diem: How To Transform A Nervous Manager Into A Digital Win

No man, woman or seance can predict the arrival of a social crisis. Practising premonitions should not be the strategy, it’s the reaction that’s key, as witnessed two days ago in Kansas. On 29 October, the San Francisco Giants achieved a famous 3-2 victory over the Kansas City Royals. In Game Seven of the World Series, Madison Bumgarner delivered a season-best performance to win MVP. But the true star of the show was Chevrolet’s sales and marketing executive Rikk Wilde. Not that he wanted to be.B1NgAJWIYAA_OcG

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Together Stronger: The Welsh Dragon Roars In Social

Attempt 2



What a wasted opportunity. You’ve only get very limited time in the attention economy to engage a fan and you waste it on this level of interaction? You’ve seen examples like these litter your timeline and news feed and it’s easy to see why. For the brand, it’s a simple and effective way to achieve engagement and, for the individual, of course you want your team to win 9-0 and if a retweet can achieve that, then fine.

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UFC UK Shortlisted In The 2014 The Drum Social Buzz Awards


Today, The Drum Social Buzz Awards have announced their nominations for this year’s awards and it’s great to see the Ultimate Fighting Championship recognised.

We’ve had a fantastic year working with the Ultimate Fighting Championship on their digital coverage of the 2014 EMEA events calendar, and UFC UK has made the shortlist in two categories at this year’s Social Buzz Awards.

Having covered events in five great cities – London, Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Dublin and Stockholm – our exclusive and engaging content strategy on social has aided each of these Fight Night events to be a digital success. Led by strong planning, analytical focus, engagement-determined strategy, UFC’s presence has grown expansively both commercially and socially. This approach has helped us make the shortlist in the Best Travel/Leisure/Sports Social Media Strategy/Campaign category.

In particular, the judges noted the work on UFC Fight Night Dublin in July 2014 on Twitter, and the passion of Dublin infused the strong, innovative, and wide-ranging coverage, in a week where the city championed their local fighters to total victory on Fight Night.

This is a superb and highly gratifying way to end the EMEA year for the UFC. Congratulations to all the other nominees and we wish them the best of luck.

The winners will be announced on 27th November.